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At Youlosophy we are convinced that you can design a life your truly love.

Our programs are designed by experts and based on the principles of neuroplasticity.

Let's discover together what you are capable of and then customize a program that is as unique as you are.

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Fully customizable contents 

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A gift that says "I care for you"

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Written by specialists

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See results in 21 days

Our best selling titles


Every journey needs a map. We'll help you assess where you stand today, where you want to get, and what you will need to make it there.

Our best selling titles


Invest 21 days in yourself and get ready to shake things up. We will custom-tailor a program that will tackle your specific goals.

Have your heard of neuroplasticity? You will.

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How do you turn a cool novelty into a healthy habit? You repeat it until your brain accepts it's part of your routine.

We will be by your side every step of the way

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The end of a chapter is only the beginning of another. Where will you go from here?.

When you are ready to expand again, we have a plan for you

How far will you go?

A Custom 21-day challenge

We focus on the first 21 days of building a new habit (but we'll stay with you afterwards, we promise). Schedule the exercises anyway you please during these 3 weeks!

Experts' designed activities

Browse through dozens of simple exercises that can be easily incorporated to your daily routine. 

Make it yours!

Your workbook is just a canvas, a framework of ideas and suggestions that becomes truly powerful when you grab a pen and fill in all the blanks. 

Expansion packs

Once you are done with your first workbook, you will want more (trust us). All workbooks come with free extensions that can be downloaded from the Youlosophers' club.

Keep track of your growth

Change can move mountains, but it can also be subtle that it's hard to notice. Make use of our included growth trackers to keep focused and motivated at all times.

Reflection area

We open and close each workbook with a series of exercises to help you identify where you stand at each given moment.

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